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Employers and Patients Choose Your Practice for a reason

When your practice is employer responsive and patient centered then point of care dispensing for the injured patient just makes good economic sense for everyone.  The patient gets the best care, fast and efficiently with exactly what the doctor ordered, the necessary prescription medication is always filled on-site and given to the patient at no charge.  The employer knows his employee will be treated appropriately and will return to work in the quickest turn-around-time possible.  As a responsible dispensing physician your practice will be compensated for the added time and effort associated with dispensing.  Join the majority of Primary Care Practices, choose to dispense medication to your patients with no out of pocket expense they will love the convenience and report to their employer the positive response to their care.

 A recent study asked patients where they preferred to receive their medications, overwhelmingly they preferred at the doctor’s office.  Workers Comensation patients are no different, in fact they would approach 100% because they are injured and getting medication from anyone other than the doctor means another trip and a long wait.

Workers Compensation patients often have to wait a long time at the pharmacy because unlike the doctor’s office who many times has a referral relationship with the employer, the pharmacy does not have any relationship with the employer, therefore they must contact the employer then the insurer in order to obtain authorization to fill the prescription, this takes time that the injured patient doesn’t have, often the patient ends up paying for the medication or leaving without the prescription being filled.  No wonder as much as 30% of all prescriptions never get filled.
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PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

More Physician Dispensing Info:

Without additional personnel, the Physicians Dispensing program will produce additional office revenue to help cover the cost of operation and the cutbacks in Medicare.

The PD-Rx program is a natural extension of your medical practice as a physician provider of personal care. Many medical facilities today offer additional services to provide their patients with all the care possible from one location.

PD-Rx provides your staff with the simplest, yet most comprehensives preprinted labeling and record keeping system in the industry. Exceptionally easy to implement with absolutely no up front investment. Your medications are shipped precounted and patient ready in safety sealed, clearly labeled containers. A physician and pharmacist are available to answer any questions that might arise.

1. Our Automated production lines are capable of packaging over 2,000 bottles per hour.
2. Each container closure system used meets or exceeds U.S. Pharmacopoeia Standards.
3. Each bottle and cap is composed of high-density polyethylene white plastic.
4. The bottle or container closure system contains a tamper-evident foil safety liner that is hermetically sealed by heat induction during production, providing the highest level of integrity and quality available in the market.
5. All bottle caps are child-resistant in anticipation of new F.D.A. guidelines for manufacturers and packagers in the pharmaceutical industry.
6. You can provide us with your bulk pharmaceutical products or use bulk products we obtain from reputable, contracted manufacturers.
7. Therapeutic rated medications or cost containment formularies can be designed upon request.
8. With the professional guidance of our technicians on staff we can help you design a repackaged product line that is unsurpassed by your competition!

As physicians, we are faced with serious challenges. The tedium of medi-business, governmental encroachment, and the maze of bureaucracy, all of which threaten the quality of patient care, hinder our medical practices. PD-Rx was founded by a team of practicing physicians. We will help you, as a dispensing physician, survive the economic realities of medicine today. Let PD-Rx be your partner in medicine.

Our innovative system allows you to provide the full breadth of quality care, which today includes providing patients with low cost medications directly from the office.

Directly providing medication to your patients is a change that is viewed by both patients and third party payers as a progressive and responsive practice which is cost effective and speeds the healing process by improved compliance and better patient communication.

PD-Rx provides pre-counted prescriptions to primary care physicians who dispense medication to patients from their offices or clinics on a fee-for-service basis, utilizing either PD-Rx's proprietary software which controls inventory, prints prescription labels, maintains records, and facilitates reordering, or PD-Rx's manual write-on labeling system.

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