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PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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PD-Rx now offers the PD-Rx Net program on line through our web portal which is accesible from any computer with an internet connection.  This online system provides features and reporting capabilities including PMP reporting to local state authorities. As a remote server here at PD-Rx, your files are backed up and maintained at the corporate office of PD-Rx. You will also have access to the Patient Education Leaflets, both in English and Spanish as part of our offer. The on line PD-Rx Net System will remain available as long as you are an active customer of PD-Rx that supports our program in whole.

Manual Dispensing System

PD-Rx offers a Manual Dispensing System for all physician dispensing customers at no additional cost.  Our manual log system provides 10 recordkeeping labels to match the 10 bottle trays provided as a convenient handling package.  If the customer wishes to offer Patient Education Leaflets to their patients, this service is available free on line at www.pdrx.com for both English and Spanish printed leaflets. The leaflets are printable from the PD-Rx website and are updated on our central server.

Web Based Dispensing System

Dispensing Systems